Directorate-General for External Communication

The Directorate-General for External Communication:

  • shares federal government decisions with the outside world, via the press releases from the Council of Ministers that are published on
  • informs Belgian citizens, journalists and organisations through a number of communication channels, including the federal portal, information campaigns in the media, and social networks
  • boosts Belgium's image, both domestically and internationally, for example via information campaigns and events
  • manages the Résidence Palace International Press Centre (IPC), which welcomes a significant number of international journalists
  • aims to enhance the professionalism of the federal authorities' information and communication departments. In cooperation with federal public service BOSA, management heads up and steers the COMMnet network of federal communicators
  • offers products and services (only available in Dutch and French)

The Directorate-General for External Communication has 7 departments:

Projects & Support

This department supports administrative, budgetary and accounting processes:

  • It assists and coordinates the work of the project teams in consultation with the Director-General and the operational departments
  • It assesses communication activities
  • It coordinates actions with other Directorates-General and departments of the Chancellery
  • It ensures that the Directorate-General's know-how is shared with its partners in the federal administration


Philippe Caroyez
02 287 41 54

Editorial Department

The Editorial Department mainly focuses on written content:

  • It gathers, processes and produces editorial content:
    • press releases for the Council of Ministers
    • content for the federal portal site and other official websites
    • brochures, annual reports, etc.  
  • It assists the Chancellery's other departments with all their editorial and communication activities
  • It answers questions that citizens ask via the contact form on the federal portal


Sarah Delafortrie
02 287 41 07


The department:

  • manages a number of databases, including a media database that provides material for the information carriers produced by the Directorate-General
  • is in charge of visual content (e.g. websites, brochures, posters)
  • coordinates photo and/or video coverage of the Chancellery's events.

Information Campaigns

This department takes care of the federal authorities' information campaigns:

  • it manages and coordinates the information campaigns of the various federal authorities
  • it advises and supports federal authorities in their communication actions by providing administrative, creative and budgetary assistance
  • it develops communication material and joint projects: use of the federal logo .be, installation of the Federal Truck, etc.
  • it evaluates campaigns to improve their quality and professionalism


Caroline Joris
02 287 41 65


The Online department gives advice on websites and social networks and offers solutions to facilitate the distribution of official information via various digital communication channels.

The department:

  • designs and develops websites for the Chancellery, the federal government and the policy units as well as the institutions that are linked to the Chancellery (CCB, IFDD, etc.)
  • takes care of updates and technical improvements on the portal sites and
  • runs the social networks of to increase federal presence and answer citizens' questions
  • offers expertise in terms of usability
  • reserves the domain names .be and .eu for federal institutions


Cécile Cnockaert
02 287 41 95

Events and Partnerships

This department organises and coordinates events and promotional actions. It also promotes Belgium's image, both at home and abroad.

The department:

  • organises, supports and coordinates the activities of the Chancellery or in partnership: press conferences, shows, concerts, receptions, exhibitions, etc.
  • manages the subsidies awarded by the Chancellery
  • runs the management partnership with European institutions about communication actions in Europe
  • offers a catalogue of communication objects that support events or communication campaigns of other federal public services


Yasmina Amire
02 501 03 23

Roxanna Deleersnyder 
02 287 41 41

Résidence Palace International Press Centre (IPC)

The IPC is in charge of the management partnership with the European institutions and the International Press Centre, which is located at the Résidence Palace (IPC).

The IPC is a meeting point for Belgian and foreign journalists during events. It offers the federal authorities, and Belgian and foreign journalists, the following infrastructure and services:

  • fully equipped conference and meeting rooms
  • audio-visual and catering services
  • offices for foreign press agencies
  • online tools for institutions' spokespeople and communication departments, with a view to facilitating distribution of their press releases


Isabelle Hoberg
02 235 21 29